Animal Testing Alternatives

Wildlife Degrees

Individuals can make a great impact on the growing effort to save the planet by choosing careers that protect and support endangered species and disappearing habitats. Wildlife must be protected all over the world. Delicate ecosystems depend on the symbiotic relationships of plants, animals, and humankind. Without the careful transfer of pollens, seeds, and even bacteria many endangered areas and animals would disappear from the landscape. It is important that we, as the keepers of the planet, do what we can on an individual basis to care for the plants and animals in our areas. To take things a step further than outside your front door, you might consider becoming a wildlife preservationist.

Wildlife Biologist Salary

"The whale was rotting, had probably been dead for a few days to a week, was likely a sub-adult, and parts of its carcass had been eaten by sharks. That same day, NOAA observers on another vessel at the Macondo well site in the Gulf saw five sperm whales, including a juvenile, covered in oil. Two days later, NOAA issued a press release about the dead whale, announcing that it would have tests conducted to determine the cause of death. "The unfortunate whale, and some revealing e-mail exchanges, including the revelation that the crew of the Pisces was instructed not to post or disseminate any pictures they took. There were not any results of the tests that were conducted into the cause of the whale's demise," Greenpeace reports. What they received, and released Wednesday, was a trove of photographs of that unfortunate whale, revealing e-mail exchanges containing alarming information.