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To Greenpeace, the episode of the sea animal coverup has been indicative of what it calls "the veil of secrecy that descended upon the Gulf of Mexico" since the Deepwater Horizon accident, as manifested in a response earlier this year to the same FOIA request - for any communication relating to threatened or endangered Gulf species from April 20, 2010 to July 30, 2010. " That response, Greenpeace says, revealed previously-unreleased photographs of garbage bag upon garbage bag filled with dead wildlife, including endangered Kemp's Ridley sea turtles. A NOAA spokesman said it had been impossible to ascertain the cause of the whale's death due to the severe decomposition of its body. "The admonition to the crew of the Pisces not to post any photographs was standard protocol during that period, so that the government could collect information for its investigation and any possible subsequent legal action," stated Kieran Mulvaney, author of "The Whaling Season" and "At the Ends of the Earth. " Greenpeace Research Director Kert Davies said in May that the group is also concerned about what else the public has never been told about the largest offshore oil spill in U. S.

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For example, bluebirds and mockingbirds are notorious for fighting over territory. If you plan to include a variety of birdhouses, be certain to provide adequate space between them to avoid territorial conflict. Species that do not defend territories include wood ducks and purple martins. Give Them Plenty of Greenery When creating your backyard wildlife habitat it's important to include a diverse selection of native plants, trees and shrubs. Incorporating these elements will help you easily provide food and shelter to your chosen wildlife. Additionally, native plants tend to be hardy plants that require less maintenance. When selecting your plants look for those that produce flowers, fruits or berries at various stages. Trees are an important element in a wildlife habitat. They provide shelter for a variety of wildlife species including birds and squirrels. Before planting trees it's best to conduct research or consult with a landscape specialist to determine which species are best suited for your yard. Shrubs are one of the most convenient elements to plant, as they require little maintenance and provide excellent shelter for a wide variety of wildlife that lives on or near the ground.