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A small space can have a few pots of colorful flowers which provide beneficial nesting sites, larval host plants and nectar next to a small saucer with moist mud to create a puddling area for butterflies. There is a great significance to landscaping with native plants. Native plants are specially designed for the area in which they grow. They are hardy to their native regions and provide low maintenance yet beautiful plants often under extreme conditions. Also, native plants need little water once established and thus reduce water usage and provide texture and color from the otherwise stale, thirsty, grass lawn. Non-natives, or plants that have been imported from another region, lack the natural predators that provide populations control. Birds eat and digest the seeds, dropping them in undeveloped areas where, left growing unchecked will choke out entire native populations of plant life that wildlife depends upon for food, nesting and shelter. A good example of this is an herbaceous weedy vine known as kudzu, imported from Japan and planted heavily in the 1930's and 1940's to prevent erosion in the southeastern United States. Unfortunately, in this warm, moist environment, kudzu can grow at the rate of 1 foot per day, quickly taking over and choking out native vegetation including trees, plants, vines and anything else in its path. Kudzu is a wildly respected plant in Japan where it is used as a food additive and for medicinal purposes. However, without its native insects to keep it in check, as in Japan, it simply grows out of control, destroying entire forests and wild areas.

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00 per child. Register online and save $2. 00 on each participant. This fee is very affordable, especially knowing that the proceeds all go to a good cause and the money goes towards an afternoon of unique family fun. A movie with the family would be just as expensive, probably more after popcorn and drinks enter the picture. While movies are great, the Hike and Seek outing will be a different type of fun families can enjoy.