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'The lesser prairie-chicken will disappear forever without protection of the Endangered Species Act,' said Jay Lininger, an ecologist with the Center for Biological Diversity. 'Voluntary measures that preserve a little habitat are convenient for some, but they won't be effective for the prairie-chicken. ' The lesser prairie-chicken is threatened by habitat loss and degradation from livestock grazing, agriculture, oil and gas extraction, herbicides and unnatural fire as primary threats to the lesser prairie-chicken. Habitat fragmentation from fences, power lines, together with disturbances from roads, mining, and wind energy production also affect the species. Climate change and drought are increasingly important threats. The potential loss of habitat on private land enrolled in the Conservation Reserve Program may have severely negative effects on current populations.

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The Morton Refuge is the kind of place you want to take kids who are into nature or who don't know anything about nature at all, because by the end of the visit they'll all be in the same boat - committed young naturalists. When a gift of the Morton family established this refuge back in the 50's one can only hope family members knew the beauty they protected and shared with wildlife and with human beings. Coming to Elizabeth A. Morton Refuge is like visiting many refuge areas all rolled up in one. The diversity of habitats in this area of Sag Harbor, New York is incredible. There is a great bay beach, fresh and brackish ponds, kettle holes, grasslands, marshes even woodlands, The result of course is a special retreat for all manner of birds and wildlife and a wonderful place for humans to quietly share at least for a few hours The trail through the Elizabeth A Morton Refuge will give you a chance to photograph or simply view lots of birds but the sharp of eye visitors will also have fun spotting frogs and painted turtles.