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There are 6 developed boat ramps and several undeveloped areas that will let you get your craft on the water. Bon Secour National Wildlife Refuge, Gulf Shores, AL Much smaller thatn the huge Wheeler refuge, Bon Secour comprises only 7,000 acres. But what it does with that acreage is considerable. Established in 1980 the refuge has been set aside for non-game migratory birds who are making their way south to lower Florida, Mexico or the Caribbean. More than 350 species of birds have been spotted at Bon Secour which makes the refuge a big draw for birders young and old alike. Most frequently seen are larage numbers of ospery and heron, large birds that get lots of human response. Visitors are welcomed to walk the Pine Beach Trail that will take you through lush areas filled with all manner of plant life. Among the reasons that Bon Secour was set aside as a refuge was the desire to preserve the endangered Alabama beach mouse, a native of the dunes and to protect the habitat of a variety of sea turtles. In fact the words "Bon Secour" mean "Safe Harbor" and certainly that is what this area has now become for the plant and wild life that peacefully abide here. But as is so often the case with the formation of a refuge, there is great benefit to mankind as well. The existence of the refuge has meant the preservation of a large span of undeveloped coastal property that will allow visitors from now into perpetuity to see what the Gulf Coast had once looked like before development.

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This deciduous tree is also used for nesting or overnight shelter. The spring flowers are popular with butterflies. Hawthorns are members of the rose family and do have thorns up to 2 inches in length along the stems. There is a large number of Hawthorn species with native varieties being the best choice for wildlife. They have attractive orange or bronze fall foliage. Give these trees a sunny location.