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If you read the comments against the national wildlife refuge on articles like this, they are usually against government interference. Whatever your feeling about government is, it is unfortunate that when it comes to conservation, it is necessary. Without government land buying and protection, we have a habit of destroying everything in our path. Anyone who has lived in the region can see this if they look at the pattern of growth in the area over the past two decades. What was once prairie and forest has turned to strip malls, Jewels, and Home Depots. Fortunately, Friends of Hackmatack stepped in and saved a huge swath of land from this burgeoning growth and saved the region from ourselves. In a press release by the friends, Lenore Beyer-Clow, Woodstock, Illinois resident and Policy Director at Openlands stated: "A small group of people cared passionately enough about the natural spaces near where they live to pursue a dream of giving the area national recognition. Today, we are thrilled with the result: The authorization of the Hackmatack National Wildlife Refuge. " The Chicago Adventure Travel Examiner is also thrilled to know a new national wildlife refuge is only seventy miles away promising protection for outdoor recreation. Subscribe to my articles with the button at the top of this page. Examiner.

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Mississippi wildlife along the rivers can be natural, common or even rare and unique. The water areas not only support such common and unique wildlife but varieties of vegetation are supported as well. The areas along the river and the river itself support a great variety of plants and wildlife because there is an abundance of natural cover, a good amount of isolation, and food. This food is provided by plants such as sedges, pondweeds, and millets. Many birds flock to the area. Approximately eight million ducks, geese, and swans stay in the lower portion of the river during the winter season.