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Ecologists are in demand all over the world. Researchers and biologists have long understood the basic connections between species within ecosystems but it has now become even more widely understood by landowners and government bodies. The demand for those with an expertise in veterinary, ecological, and biological science will only increase over the coming years as the world marketplace continues to expand. National Wildlife Federation Christmas cards are a great way to show people you care. Tell the people you know and love hello, Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays with a Christmas card from The National Wildlife Federation. Sending Christmas cards is a great way to stay in touch with people that you can't see as often as you wish. You can tell them what you have been up to and they can send you a Christmas card telling you about what they have been doing. The National Wildlife Federation has a wonderful selection of Christmas cards that are high quality and lovely. You can pick out cards with wild animal themes or beautiful country scenes. You can find a card that fits you in the National Wildlife Federation card collection. The Christmas cards from the National Wildlife Federation are unique.

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The same thing goes for a botanist who has studied rare vines and wants to publish a series of articles in Organic Gardening. A very hot topic in the world of wildlife and nature magazine markets is natural resources, as well as the ecology surrounding the hunt for new fuel options and habitat destruction. If you consider yourself a wildlife activist -- or even if you don't -- you could form a lucrative career writing for magazines about natural resources. Just make sure you stay on top of the news and include new developments in your articles. Perhaps you don't enjoy writing so much as taking beautiful pictures of nature and wildlife, which could be a great way to target these magazine markets. Creating photo essays of a particular region or animal or plant is a great way to support yourself and gain national recognition. You'll need to be able to write colorful captions and you'll need professional photography equipment, but that doesn't mean it's beyond your reach. After years of planning, gauging public opinion, and study, the grassroots effort of establishing a National Wildlife Refuge in northeast Illinois and southeastern Wisconsin has come to fruition with the authorization of Hackmatack National Wildlife Refuge. U. S. Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar announced federal designation of Hackmatack National Wildlife Refuge on Wednesday, August 15 at Glacial Park.