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Perhaps even more interesting is the great variety of fish that are found in the waters of the Cahaba River. There are more species here than, believe it or not, any other river on the planet, a total of 131. This said, one can understand why there was great interest in preserving some portion of the river, in all a seven mile stretch, as the Cahaba River National Wildlife Refuge. For human beings the Cahaba River Refuge offers wonderful opportunities to see incredible blooming wild plants in season and enjoy the opportunity to observe wildlife in a peaceful setting. Recreation opportunities include hiking, fishing and canoeing along quiet stretches of this beautiful southern river. Cahba River National Wildlife Refuge is also a great place to bring children to introduce them to the importance of protecting our wildlife, plantlife and the ecosystems they share.

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In closing, it's important to remember that you can create a wildlife landscape regardless of the size or location of your yard. All it takes is time and information. Determine which species of wildlife are in your area and what types of habitat they require. Then build it and they will come! The Backyard Wildlife Habitat program was started in 1973 by the National Wildlife Federation. The program was started as a way to encourage more natural environments for wildlife. The Backyard Wildlife Habitat program has been steadily growing since its early days. Our own backyard is the best place to start learning and practicing environmentally friendly landscaping. It's not all that difficult and it doesn't have to be a large expensive project. Some backyards may only require adding a few shrubs, flowers and birdbaths. The rewards of having a natural environment in your own backyard and enjoying the wildlife and birds will be well worth the effort. The National Wildlife Federation will recognize the work involved to make a backyard an environmentally friendly wildlife habitat.