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Wildlife Federation

A certified Backyard Wildlife Habitat will nurture wildlife year round. This is especially important now that more residential and commercial development is leaving birds and wildlife without homes. We can at least give them back a small portion of that environment by sharing our backyards in every season. It is naturally better for the environment when the backyard becomes certified as a wildlife habitat. In order for this to happen, gardening methods will change to natural organic techniques. Harmful chemicals will be eliminated and water conservation will become more important.

Animal Cruelty

When deciding on what to plant, the location of the food plot as well as the amount of rain and other factors that may influence the growth of the plants should be taken into consideration. Food plots are generally planted with sunflowers, oats, peas and other forms of seeds that will produce plants that will attract the game. After planting the food plot, it is time to leave it alone and let the plants grow. While the food plot is growing, the wildlife manager has other tasks that need tended to such as placement of deer feeders. The deer feeders will need to be located strategically, as are the food plots. Many of the same criteria will be used for deciding on the location of the deer feeder such as locating trails used by game animals and the distance to safety found in brushy areas.