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Instead of PAH compounds becoming less harmful as it breaks down with weather an age, it becomes more of an issue as oil weathers and breaks down. The concentration of the cancer causing Benzene increases. As Fox says, pictures are worth a thousand words and proof something is happening that the public deserves to know. Fox's pictures and moving pictures below are worth more than a thousand words. The doctor who is leaving the Daytona Beach area, wrote to the Examiner: "I am also concerned that we will lose these elderly people who are affected simply because their doctors do not know how to treat chemical illness. It is deeply disturbing to me when I hold them in my arms as they cry in fear and frustration and no one does anything.

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This struggle is the fight to save wildlife and the habitat they depend on for survival. There are many partners in this struggle, including the United States Fish and Wildlife Services, the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies and state wildlife agencies. These entities have come together to practice wildlife conservation by developing a wildlife action plan or the Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Strategy for each state. Funds are available for wildlife conservation and restoration of wildlife populations throughout America for each individual state. However, before any state can receive this funding they must have developed a "wildlife action plan" better known as the Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Strategy, by October 1, 2005. A wildlife action plan assesses the wildlife and habitat health, identifies any problems the wildlife and habitat face and describes the actions needed to rectify the problems and conserve the wildlife and habitat in question.