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This federally funded program provides financial support for conservation projects that meet specific criteria. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission's website has a list projects and grant assistance information. The Wildlife Society, Florida Chapter, the Wildlife Society, Florida Chapter's mission is to "serve and represent wildlife professionals in promoting wildlife conservation, biodiversity, and resource stewardship. " Non-profit groups can go to The Florida Wildlife Society website and inquire about funding. Their website also has information about membership. Teaming with Wildlife Coalition, partnered with the Wildlife Conservation Commission, the Teaming with Wildlife Coalition is a diverse group of conservationists, including wildlife biologists, anglers and bird watchers.

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It's not all that difficult and it doesn't have to be a large expensive project. Some backyards may only require adding a few shrubs, flowers and birdbaths. The rewards of having a natural environment in your own backyard and enjoying the wildlife and birds will be well worth the effort. The National Wildlife Federation will recognize the work involved to make a backyard an environmentally friendly wildlife habitat. Once the five steps to become certified have been completed, you can become a member of the National Wildlife Federation. A personalized certificate will be sent to you stating that your yard is now a part of the National Registry of Backyard Wildlife Habitat sites.