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When we first saw Leonardo he was near death, suffering from malnutrition and pneumonia. ' Although Leonardo has gained weight and bonded with his keepers at his new home at the SWCC, he has suffered some recent medical issues from being declawed as a cub. 'The declawing procedure mangled his paws, leaving him unable to climb and jump to high places like leopards should. Recently, Leo started limping and we noticed drainage coming from a rear paw. Veterinarians examined Leo's foot, took x-rays, and determined that it has become necrotic and infected. The declawing he suffered through as a cub has now led to the need for a surgical procedure.

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WCS's long history and current broad and deep expertise position us to rise to this challenge, and to conserve the threatened species across this ancient, diverse, and fascinating lineage. ' Integrations of expertise can be brought to worldwide frameworks. The Wildlife Conservation Society will strive to alleviate threats to highly endangered turtles by working closely with relevant governments to react rapidly in nations that are centers of turtle diversity, including Cambodia, China, Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Indonesia, Myanmar, and Vietnam. In addition to its efforts on terrestrial and freshwater turtles, WCS continues work on sea turtles in Nicaragua, Gabon, Sulawesi, and Madagascar. In further, integrated action, the Wildlife Conservation Society works with U. S.