Animal Kingdom

Wildlife Usa

You can visit your neighbors' refuges to assist with tasks, send gifts to your in-game friends, and ask for assistance with special tasks. Wildlife Refuge has a brilliant implementation of the task assistance feature. Unlike it games such as Frontierville where you must choose between waiting for assistance from friends and spending real-money, Wildlife Refuge allows players to choose between asking for help and spending normal coins. This minimizes wall and request spam while increasing the utility of normal coins in game. Wildlife Refuge is a fun and engaging game. Interestingly, all major elements in Wildlife Refuge are adapted from other games.

Animal Tracks

The Global Wildlife Center's safari tour, consists of a 1 1/2 hour wagon ride over their 900 acre wildlife preserve. Visitors ride in covered wagons, complete with padded bench seats for comfort, with open windows that allow you to come face to face with many of their animals. There is a fee for the safari tour, that varies depending on age, so it is important to call, or check their website for the current prices. During the tour, there is also the option to purchase cups, buckets and sacks of feed, to feed the animals while on the safari tour. Since the animals are used to seeing people on a daily basis, and used to the feed, many will come straight to the wagons and eat right out of the cup that you are holding. Just some of the animals that will come and eat while on the Global Wildlife Center's tour include Bison, Zebra, Camels, Eland and the parks star guests, the Giraffes. There are however many other animals that you will see while at Global Wildlife Center, including Axis Deer, Blackbuck, Fallow Deer, Red Lechwe, and even Kangaroo. Some of these smaller animals will approach the wagons to be fed, but there is far less interaction with them as there is with the larger animals that can reach up to the wagons windows. Global Wildlife Center does offer group rates for larger parties such as Boy and Girl Scout Troops or school field trips, however reservations are necessary if you group consists of 25 or more. There is also a pavilion area for parties, providing a covered patio with picnic tables. There are also special birthday party package rates available.