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The scientists, however, claimed that the oil was probably from a BP Deepwater Horizon rig pipe. Attorney Stuart Smith was among experts who are not buying that rig pipe claim, and increasingly, people are demanding evidence about the source of the crude oil in the Gulf. To Greenpeace, the episode of the sea animal coverup has been indicative of what it calls "the veil of secrecy that descended upon the Gulf of Mexico" since the Deepwater Horizon accident, as manifested in a response earlier this year to the same FOIA request - for any communication relating to threatened or endangered Gulf species from April 20, 2010 to July 30, 2010. " That response, Greenpeace says, revealed previously-unreleased photographs of garbage bag upon garbage bag filled with dead wildlife, including endangered Kemp's Ridley sea turtles. A NOAA spokesman said it had been impossible to ascertain the cause of the whale's death due to the severe decomposition of its body. "The admonition to the crew of the Pisces not to post any photographs was standard protocol during that period, so that the government could collect information for its investigation and any possible subsequent legal action," stated Kieran Mulvaney, author of "The Whaling Season" and "At the Ends of the Earth. " Greenpeace Research Director Kert Davies said in May that the group is also concerned about what else the public has never been told about the largest offshore oil spill in U. S. history. Deborah Dupr is author of Vampire of Macondo, the book that tells the public what it has never been told about the BP-wrecked Macondo well, the cracked ocean floor and the subsequent suffering and dying of wildlife and Gulf coast people since Earth Day 2010. A Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request report released Wednesday included a trove of photographs of garbage bag upon garbage bag of dead Gulf sea animals that the White House ordered workers retrieving the corpses to keep secret from the public.

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In this case the sharks are captured alive and their fins are cut off and the shark is then tossed back into the water where it drowns. Habitat loss is also a major problem for wildlife. (Kaufman and Franz, 1993, 357). This is caused by human developments encroaching on wild areas, and because of deforestation for agriculture or lumber. And finally, humans cause habitat destruction by introducing non-native animals to ecosystems. (1993). For example Australia's wildlife is constantly under attack from introduced species that came to Australia with the settlers like pigs, cane toads, foxes, and goats. Domesticated animals also face human caused problems. The main problem with domestication is that only a select few genetic combinations and species are selected to breed. This causes genetic erosion within species of stock animals. This makes stock animals vulnerable to disease and environmental conditions that are not common to the normal stock animal such as drought.