Animal Kingdom Hours

Global Strategy for Plant Conservation

m. , daily. Entrance fee is $7. You can often see deer just outside the park entrance, as well. Before you go out into the cold, be sure you prepare yourself and your gear for winter photography. Winter in Colorado is a study in extremes. One day it's minus 7 degrees with blowing snow. Two days later it's 50 degrees and sunny. Coloradans '" and local wildlife '" seem to be used to this and take the crazy weather swings in stride. Despite the cold, winter is a great time to photograph wildlife. Snow on the ground makes it easier to spot animal tracks.

Plant Conservation and Biodiversity

These reviews and revisions are necessary for wildlife conservation as well as protection for key habitats in Texas. As more vacationers feel sympathy for caged zoo animals, wildlife safaris are gaining in popularity. Scattered around the great state of Texas are a handful of drive through safari parks where visitors can ride in the comfort of their own vehicle and view exotic animals in a natural habitat. One more plus for these sprawling ranches is that many of them offer refuge to homeless animals who have fallen victim to the exotic pet trade. Among the majestic pines and blue lakes of northeast Texas lies the 300 acre Cherokee Trace Drive-Thru Safari, home to a variety of exotic and endangered species. Visitors are invited to tour at their own pace through the rolling hills while they feed and photograph these splendid creatures. Animals from India, Africa, Japan, and other countries graze and mingle there in harmony in an environment much like their own native lands. Zebras, donkeys, antelope, elk, kangaroos, alligators, camels, water buffalo, Sika deer, numerous fowl, and a Canadian Woods Bison all greet excited vacationers. There's even a medium sized bovine with large, long horns called a Watusi! Admission fee includes a bag of feed for the animals and all day admission to the park. Other attractions of Cherokee Trace are group rates, a behind-the-scenes educational tour available to those interested, a gift shop, beautiful shaded picnic areas, and beautifully decorated Bed and Breakfast pine cabins. Just a hop, skip and a jump to the north is another exotic wildlife park called Grapeland Drive Thru Safari.