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Wildlife Vet

We have all heard of recycling and hopefully all of you are doing it. Recycling is a great way to save our natural resources and to reduce consumption and pollution. What a lot of people don't know is common trash items that injure and even kill wildlife. Many land and marine animals are injured and killed each year by trash items. In addition, plastics and other trash items have been found in the stomachs of an alarming amount of animals. Throwing away our trash and recycling is a big step in helping save wildlife.

Wildlife Habitat Incentives Program

Spending a day at Global Wildlife Center is truly a unique experience that you will never forget. It is a great way to not only learn more about endangered and threatened animals, but to also have the opportunity to come up close and personal with these beautiful and majestic creatures. A few years back forensic science became a hot topic, causing crime dramas to crawl out of the woodwork and invade our TV sets. CSI: Las Vegas, Miami, New York.