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Bees and butterflies love the flowers. Hummingbirds will also visit the flowers if you live in a zone where the hummers arrive early enough for the crabapple tree's early spring display. Many flowering crabapple trees also have attractive fall foliage. It prefers full sun. Flowers and fruit: The tree blooms in pink, white or red flowers in spring. Some varieties have pink buds which turn to white when fully opened.

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(Sustaining Biodiversity) Land life zones are categorized as desert, forest, grassland, and tundra. They are the home to many species and are constantly threatened. Climate change and pollution is affecting these biomes and the species that inhabit them. Deforestation is happening constantly and this is extremely harmful to all of these biomes. Without some sort of protection many land life zones will be lost. Aquatic life zones are categorized as freshwater and marine. Aquatic life zones are a major natural resource and should be respected and taken care of. These biomes are the most complex and also the most threatened. At "34%" fish are the most endangered species in the world (Sustaining Biodiversity). Freshwater life zones suffer terribly from pollution, and "runoff containing fertilizer and other wastes and industrial dumpings enter into rivers, ponds, and lakes and tend to promote abnormally rapid algae growth" (The world's biomes). Overfishing is also ruining these biomes.