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Visit the National Wildlife Federation and see what they have to offer in Christmas cards and other merchandise. If you wish you can get personalized Christmas cards from the National Wildlife Federation for an extra fee. Or you can get already made cards with messages that express how you feel about Christmas and wildlife. The National Wildlife Federation offers religious cards and cards about planting trees. The National Wildlife Federation also has Christmas ornaments and other merchandise on their site. You can get great clothes and household goodies on the National Wildlife Federation site.

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In the prairie, cup plant serves as a natural water source for wildlife. Wildlife need sheltered spots to raise their offspring or future generations will not survive. Much of what I planted that provides cover also serves as a place to raise young. But there are some additional steps I've taken to specifically provide places to raise young. First, I've planted milkweed. Milkweed is the only source of food for caterpillars of monarch butterflies. Monarch butterflies cannot reproduce without milkweed. As we've replaced natural habitat (that included milkweed) with suburban lawns and agricultural areas, we've destroyed milkweeed plants. Gardeners can help reverse this trend and aid declining monarch butterfly populations by planting milkweed in their yards. Almost every year we find monarch caterpillars on our milkweed. We also find milkweed bugs, another species dependent on milkweed.