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He was happy to us and came over to the fence so our tour guide could give him a scratch through the fence. We were farther back, behind another fence. Even though we were at a safe distance it was definitely much closer to a lion than you could ever get at the zoo. A deer carcass was in the enclosure and Leo and all the animals look well fed. When leaving Leo's viewing area we saw a donations box to help feed Leo and the other animals, we quickly obliged and hope you do the same. We went back inside the Riverside Wildlife Center and received a safety lecture.

Animal Origami

The current schedule is September 1-15, October 6-15, and November 22 - January 5. Fox and bobcat are not animals we like running around Georgia. They tend to contract and spread rabies. It seems as we encroach on their territory they are becoming more aggressive. Fox and bobcat catches are unlimited and hunting is allowed from December 1 - February 29. October 15-February 29, grouse hunting is permitted. Grouse are similar to small brown turkeys and are hunted for food. They inhabit grassy and brush areas, and are best hunted with hunting dogs. The grouse limit in Georgia is three per day. Marsh hens are also hunted for food. The hunting season for Marsh hens is extensive, as is the number of Marsh hens.