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As the learning pattern unfolds, knowledge deepens. Guide your learner in the cyclical nature of learning by repeating the process as inquiry deepens. As questions are explored and answered, new questions arise. Learning is a continuum of discovery and achievement followed by fresh roads. Guide your learner to see that the turtles' problems are not isolated. If the turtles are in serious trouble, that problem exists within a larger and connected ecosystem.

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(1993). For example Australia's wildlife is constantly under attack from introduced species that came to Australia with the settlers like pigs, cane toads, foxes, and goats. Domesticated animals also face human caused problems. The main problem with domestication is that only a select few genetic combinations and species are selected to breed. This causes genetic erosion within species of stock animals. This makes stock animals vulnerable to disease and environmental conditions that are not common to the normal stock animal such as drought.