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Plant Conservation Importance

For Marine Conservation, one specialized area of wildlife conservation is "marine conservation. " As a marine conservationist, you will be involved in such activities as diving and conducting research on coral reefs. Coastal erosion is an important issue facing the residents and marine life of coastal areas. As coastal and ocean resources are depleted, this research is taking on a new urgency. For education, an important part of a wildlife conservationist's job is educating the public. This involves teaching people better ways of caring for their environment and the wildlife living there. Raising public awareness and raising funds for research is one of the best ways to ensure that lands and endangered species are protected. As for the job outlook, the The Job Bank USA reports growth for conservation scientists and foresters will be stronger in scientific research and private sector consulting firms through 2012. As a stronger emphasis is placed upon environmental protection, these job opportunities will continue to increase. Hiring of conservationists to prepare environmental impact studies on erosion control and tree harvesting will continue through the year 2012. The salary, As reported by the Job Bank USA, the median salary of conservationists in 2002 was $50,340.

Wildlife Ohio

Riddle's Elephant and Wildlife Sanctuary in located in Greenbrier, Arkansas off of highway 25 going north on 65. You can find out the driving direction by simply going to this site or by calling the wildlife sanctuary at 501- 589-3291. This particular wildlife sanctuary isn't one you simply go and visit like a zoo you actually have to plan a trip there yourself. Riddle's Elephant and Wildlife Sanctuary is only open on weekends for "The Elephant Experience Weekend Program," and you have to call ahead of time to let the sanctuary staff know that you are coming to visit by again simply calling the number I just mentioned in this paragraph. The cost to spend the weekend with these amazing elephants and get the chance to visit with them up close cost seven hundred dollars per weekend, which includes a place to stay for the weekend and food. However, you must be at least eighteen years of age to spend the weekend at the particular sanctuary for safety reasons.