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There you will find a variety of plants, shrubs, and trees which are layered and follow the natural curves of the stream. If possible, plan a visit to a local stream and explore the area. This will provide you with an abundance of ideas for your backyard wildlife habitat. In closing, it's important to remember that you can create a wildlife landscape regardless of the size or location of your yard. All it takes is time and information. Determine which species of wildlife are in your area and what types of habitat they require. Then build it and they will come! The Backyard Wildlife Habitat program was started in 1973 by the National Wildlife Federation. The program was started as a way to encourage more natural environments for wildlife. The Backyard Wildlife Habitat program has been steadily growing since its early days. Our own backyard is the best place to start learning and practicing environmentally friendly landscaping. It's not all that difficult and it doesn't have to be a large expensive project.

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A Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request report released Wednesday included a trove of photographs of garbage bag upon garbage bag of dead Gulf sea animals that the White House ordered workers retrieving the corpses to keep secret from the public. Government veil of secrecy about BP wrecked Macondo well, the Greenpeace independent investigation began with the discovery of a dead, rotting, partially eaten by sharks sperm whale in the Gulf. "The White House was sitting on this stuff for over two years, at the same time they were saying everything was fine, that the oil was gone, and while they were rushing ahead with plans for new drilling in the Gulf, the Arctic, elsewhere," John Hocevar of Greenpeace said when the organization began its Gulf investigation. "It's just not okay," said Hocevar. "This is not an acceptable type of collateral damage. " The explosion on the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig in April 2010 that sank on Earth Day resulted in an initial 5 million barrels of oil pouring into waters off the Gulf Coast.