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F1188 is a Mexican gray wolf thatPhoto credit: Photo: Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center The last 'official count' shows that only 58 Mexican Gray Wolves remain in the wild, 'making them one of the most endangered mammals in North America. ' According to Impiccini, 'SWCC is the only wildlife facility in Arizona capable of handling large mammals such as wolves, and serves as a holding facility for the USFWS's Mexican Gray Wolf Recovery Program. ' "We're happy we could find a solution to this situation, other than killing the animal, because there are so few of these wolves left," says Searles. "We will continue to work with Fish and Wildlife through the Mexican Gray Wolf Recovery Program to maintain the species, which is an important part of our ecosystem and our Western heritage. " According to Patrick Impiccini, the Nina Mason Pulliam Foundation will provide funds to construct an enclosure for the female wolf, but SWCC founder Linda Searles noted that SWCC needs donations to help it care for the animal. Like other wildlife at the sanctuary, the wolf will help educate children and other visitors to SWCC about the role different mammals play in our ecosystem and the importance of preserving endangered species. In addition to saving this wolf from being destroyed, last summer, they rescued a leopard named Leonardo who was being kept at a 'deplorable roadside zoo . where he was living in a small, filthy cage with little shelter and no privacy. When we first saw Leonardo he was near death, suffering from malnutrition and pneumonia.

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Fostering an inviting environment for wildlife will attract many beneficial animals and promote a vibrant and healthy ecosystem in your garden. First let's get health and safety out of the way. Even shallow ponds can be dangerous to babies, toddlers and small children. Make sure the sides are non-slippery; the bottom is deep enough so that if they fall in they don't knock themselves unconscious and shallow enough so they can stand-up. Better still wait until they can swim and understand the dangers involved with water. For additional safety you can fit a custom made grill over the water surface which will bear the weight of a child to prevent them falling in.