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Local, state, federal wildlife agencies and land managers should be aware of the effects of global warming. Wildlife and natural resources conservation education should be encouraged and given greater priority by the state and federal governments. The state of California should strengthen its conservation capabilities as well as assisting with conservation efforts and programs that restore wildlife and habitat planned and implemented by local agencies and landowners. State and conservation organizations should work with the Department of Defense to plan wildlife habitat that will serve as buffer zones around military training grounds and bases. Land management agencies, local and county planners and permitting agencies should strive to ensure that infrastructure development projects are planned so that they avoid interference with the GCN species and key habitats. Addressing habitat fragmentation and loss of key wildlife corridors should occur in each region of the state. Planning and scientific assistance as well as financial incentives should be provided by the state to local governments for development an implementation of conservation plans for regional multispecies in rapidly developing areas. Efforts are to be expanded for improving conservation and restoration by private landowners on their private lands with assistance from CFG, USFWS, the USDA, Natural Resources Conservation Service plus local resource conservation districts. Greater priority will be given to natural resource law enforcement efforts, wildlife funding and staffing by the state and federal government. Proposed plans for monitoring species identified and their habitats will include regular inspections of known locations of GCN species and habitats. County and regional plans concerning conservation elements should be monitored as well as long-term regional monitoring.

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But in all this process the photographers should be very cautious that they don't end up hurting themselves in the whole process. Animal issues aren't just limited to domestic creatures. There are many threats to wildlife as well, and several charitable groups exist to save and protect these animals and their habitats that are always in need of donations. But when your budget is tight, it can be hard to spare money to give. Fortunately, a number of ways are available which allow you to support causes that only will only cost you a little time, not extra money. The World Wildlife Fund has been protecting the future of nature for over 45 years.