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Three species of trout call the Smoky Mountains home: Brook, Rainbow, and Brown. Fish are under a lot of pressure to compete for resources, which has led to several species to be placed on the Park's list of fish to watch. The Spotfin Cub and Yellowfin Madtom are both threatened, while the Duskytail Darter and Smoky Madtom are endangered. Not to be outdone by the rest of the living world, plant life in the Smokies is diverse and plentiful. Several types of hickory, maple, and oak trees round off the top of the list for leafy trees. There are also a multitude of pines, along with spruce, fir, and cedar. Cherry trees are a favorite amongst the black bear and it us not uncommon to see a bear balancing delicately on a tree branch enjoying a snack. Blackberry, raspberry, and blueberry shrubs are also a common food source for bears. Flowering plants make for a beautiful sight in the Smokies. Trillium, Lady Slippers, Columbine, Magnolia, and Violets are common in early spring. Late in spring, Mountain Laurel and Flame Azalea emerge.

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Saddened by his death, Seton laid Lobo next to Blanca. Lobo's death had a profound affect on Ernest Seton and he never killed another one. Ernest Thompson Seton is the godfather of wildlife conservation and was a self taught biologist, naturalist, writer, artist and wolf hunter. With Lobo's death, Seton finally understood all animals had value and knew wildlife conservation was needed to protect all wildlife for future generations. He lobbied congress and got laws protecting wildlife and the land and today's environmental laws grew from his lobbying efforts for wildlife conservation. Seton was also involved in helping to create our system of national parks across the country.