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Throughout its history NWF has served as spokesperson and lobbyist for conservation efforts. NWF focused its and its members' attention on passage of key legislation such as the Dingall-Johnson Act, US Wilderness Act, Water Pollution Control Act, Endangered Species Conservation Act and dozens more. Today NWF lobbying efforts center on climate and clean energy initiatives, and NWF continues work to safeguard wildlife and habitat. From legislative work to donating land for bald eagle habitats, the NWF implements innovative solutions. National Wildlife, NWF's magazine, credits the organization's efforts to ban lead shot used in waterfowl hunting for preventing death from lead poisoning for millions of birds across 27 species. Current NWF efforts center on animals and habitat impacted by the Gulf oil spill, polar bears and other species adversely impacted by climate change, and eradication of invasive species like the Asian Carp that threaten indigenous species' survival. In addition to conservation, NWF expends enormous effort on outreach and education. By helping children connect to nature, NWF fosters greater environmental stewardship within our youth. In 1958, NWF introduced Ranger Rick to children. Ranger Rick, the magazine, began publication in 1968 inspiring children with the Ranger Rick pledge to "explore the wonders of nature and learn the importance of every living thing. " As a child, I looked forward each month to getting my Ranger Rick, and the magazine motivated my first activist action, circulating a petition to ban baby seal hunting.

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**Use drip pans when unclipping hoses, unscrewing filters, or removing car parts. **Walk, cycle or even take the bus whenever possible. You may also make a personal contribution to the "Make a Difference" Dawn Saves Wildlife Campaign and effort to reduce oil pollution in our endangered species habitats and waterways by simply continuing to choose Dawn as your preferred brand for dishwashing tasks. Look for Dawn's Special Edition Dish Soap product, a commemoration of the company's long standing environmental efforts, in retail stores now, available for purchase. The Special Edition Dawn Dishwashing Liquid products can be identified by the obvious: A depiction of a bird flying over the Dawn brand logo and the proclamation "Rescuing Wildlife" displayed underneath. Documentary and photographic evidence has been released to the Examiner that concurs with the Examiner report about the Atlantic Ocean being part of the petrochemical-military-industrial complex killing zone. Although the National Center for Atmospheric Research scientist reported that "there have been no reports of oil or residue from the spill anywhere along the East Coast," photos, a video and human suffering indicate otherwise. A doctor who resides near Ormond Beach, on the east coast of Florida north of Daytona, contacted the Examiner with reports concurring with previous reports of beach-goer near Daytona suffering signs of poisoning after swimming. The doctor has asked to remain anonymous due to the present state of injurious repression in the U. S. related to Gulf truth.