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Other problems or threats to GCN species are crop production practices, excessive groundwater withdrawal, fire suppression, management of or for certain species, channel alteration, exotic species, parasites, pathogens, recreation, grazing, predation, forestry activities and resource extraction. The Texas Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Strategy has addressed these problems or threats to the GCN species population with wildlife conservation actions. These wildlife conservation actions include decreasing the data gap by gathering more information on GCN species, by fire management with controlled burns and with habitat protection by initiating projects to protect existing key habitat or habitat components. Key habitat restoration and improvement by initiating projects to restore or enhance existing habitats and with land acquisition by purchasing land or conservation easement that is important to GCN species are also included in the Texas Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Strategy. Wildlife conservation actions also include population management by directly manipulating GCN species population with restocking, translocation and harvest management, with public relations and education by increasing public awareness of GCN species and key habitats through education and public outreach. The Northern Marianas Islands Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Strategy also includes actions to treat abatement by mitigating existing threats including pollution, predation and competing species and with other conservation action plans that have not been covered previously.

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