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Others would actually use dead trees for their natural homes and would benefit from birdhouses and nesting boxes. Sometimes providing homes and cover for wildlife can be as simple as adding rocks or a log. There are many things that can be purchased or made at home that can provide cover or places to raise young in a backyard habitat. Birdhouses, butterfly houses, bat houses and homes for toads are readily available to buy. The National Wildlife Federation has information provided on their website to help with providing cover and nesting places. This last step is equally important to becoming certified as a Backyard Wildlife Habitat.

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They are often colorful or shiny and can mimic the appearance of food. Animals that eat these small items can choke on them. If the animal does eat them and manages to swallow these items without choking, they may end up with digestive problems. Small items can cause damage to the animals intestines or intestinal blockages. Small items might stay in the stomach of the animal and not pass through to the intestines at all, causing the animal discomfort or even causing death. Animals have been found with alarming amounts of human trash objects in their stomachs.