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If it gets wrapped around their mouth, they will eventually starve to death. If it gets wrapped around their necks, they will eventually choke to death. Solution: Cut the six pack holders up into little pieces so that their is no circles left and dispose of them in a trash can. Twine, rope and wire can all get tangled around an animal. When disposing of these items, try to tie them into a big knot or in the instance of wire, twist them into a ball or knot and throw them away in a trash can. Small items can look like food to an animal.

Plant Conservation for Kids

Creating photo essays of a particular region or animal or plant is a great way to support yourself and gain national recognition. You'll need to be able to write colorful captions and you'll need professional photography equipment, but that doesn't mean it's beyond your reach. After years of planning, gauging public opinion, and study, the grassroots effort of establishing a National Wildlife Refuge in northeast Illinois and southeastern Wisconsin has come to fruition with the authorization of Hackmatack National Wildlife Refuge. U. S. Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar announced federal designation of Hackmatack National Wildlife Refuge on Wednesday, August 15 at Glacial Park. Related: Open letter regarding the proposed Hackmatack National Wildlife RefugeView slideshow:Glacial Park inside Hackmatack National Wildlife Refuge Friends of Hackmatack have advocated for over eight years for the refuge to be added to the 556 national wildlife refuges. This is the only national wildlife refuge in northern Illinois and the closest to Chicago. There are currently seven national wildlife refuges in Illinois. All of them are either straddling the Illinois or the Mississippi River corridors. Chautauqua, Emiquon, and Meridosia are found along the Illinois River southwest of Peoria while Crab Orchard, Middle Mississippi River, Cypress Creek, and Two Rivers straddle the mighty Mississippi River.