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Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, Florida's Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Strategy manages the wildlife grants program within the state through the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. Congress asked Florida and other states to develop a plan to protect natural environments. Florida created strategies to prevent future depletion of its natural habitat to curtail the high maintenance costs to the state. This federally funded program provides financial support for conservation projects that meet specific criteria. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission's website has a list projects and grant assistance information. The Wildlife Society, Florida Chapter, the Wildlife Society, Florida Chapter's mission is to "serve and represent wildlife professionals in promoting wildlife conservation, biodiversity, and resource stewardship. " Non-profit groups can go to The Florida Wildlife Society website and inquire about funding. Their website also has information about membership. Teaming with Wildlife Coalition, partnered with the Wildlife Conservation Commission, the Teaming with Wildlife Coalition is a diverse group of conservationists, including wildlife biologists, anglers and bird watchers. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission is a group that manages fish and wildlife resources, and the grants help various organizations in regard to Florida's natural waterways. The Nongame Wildlife Grants Program gives funding for the on-going support of Florida's non-game wildlife species.

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The red berries they produce in the autumn are eaten by many species of birds, as well as squirrels and other wildlife. The dogwood tree is also used for shelter. The natural habitat for dogwoods is in the semi shade of larger trees and this is the environment in which they thrive. Their native habitat is the eastern United States from Florida to Maine. The soil would naturally be rich and high in organic material where they naturally grow due to the decomposition of fallen tree leaves. Flowers and fruit: White, pink flowers in the spring with red berries in the fall.