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A private tour, which is not nearly as expensive as it might sound, at the Global Wildlife Center is guaranteed to thrill you and the kids. In addition to giraffes, bison, and camels there are also more deer than you'd find at a rest home on family visit day as well as zebras, exotic birds, and kangaroos. Just make sure you shell out for the corn because half the fun is feeding these incredibly friendly animals. I rarely write an absolutely glowing review of anything, but our experience at the Global Wildlife Center was perfect and exceeded every expectation we had. Biodiversity is all of the different varieties of species that inhabit the planet. Genetic differences within a species can mean differences in shape, size, smell, and color. Diversity of populations are "measured in both the number of individuals within a local group--the size of the loon population in northern Wisconsin--and the distribution of a species' geographic range--the presence of loon populations from Alaska to Maine" (How Do Scientists Define Biodiversity). The variety of species within a natural community means all the various species in a particular habitat. "A wide array of natural communities and ecosystems throughout the world, from tropical rainforests to tall grass prairies to boreal forests" make up the biodiversity of the world. Biodiversity is the natural make up of plants and animals of the world, and it should be valued highly. (How Do Scientists Define Biodiversity) Humans play a tremendous role in wildlife extinction.

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Established in 1908, and located near Klamath Falls, Oregon, along the northern California border, the 50,912 acre National Historic Landmark known as the Lower Klamath National Wildlife Refuge was the first waterfowl refuge created in the United States and contains shallow freshwater marshes, grassy uplands, croplands, and open waters, as well as nesting and brooding areas for Bald Eagles, Golden Eagles, American White Pelicans, Peregrine Falcons, Canadian Geese, White-Faced Ibis, Black Terns, and a variety of other species. The Lower Klamath National Wildlife Refuge also provides wildlife blinds for photographers and a year around observation tour route for visitors. Hunting for the perfect, trophy whitetail buck can be very time consuming, from establishing the perfect food plot to setting up the perfect deer blind, to actually managing the deer herd. Each component is very important in this equation and should be taken seriously if the hunter is to achieve his or her goal of taking home that perfect buck. Of course, the easier way to this goal is to hire a wildlife manager or to hunt on ranch where there is a fulltime wildlife manager on the premises who does all this work. A wildlife manager works year round to ensure that the hunters on his land will have a productive hunting season, whether it is whitetail deer hunting, quail hunting or any other type of game hunting.