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m. to 5 p. m. , daily. Entrance fee is $7. You can often see deer just outside the park entrance, as well. Before you go out into the cold, be sure you prepare yourself and your gear for winter photography. It's never a competition that pitches fur and feathers against geysers and plants, for all are part of nature's full tapestry. Still, the attraction of wonderful wildlife viewing in Yellowstone National Park, a vast area that holds the largest concentration of wildlife in the lower 48 states, cannot be denied. The wildlife viewing potential for sightings of bears, bison, bald eagles, wolves, coyotes, lynx, marmots, ravens, moose, elk, mule deer, swans, pronghorns, and more make Yellowstone National Park a premiere wildlife viewing destination. On U.

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You will even learn about the behavior of the elephants and how they interact with each other as well as humans. Other things you will be able to do inside of Riddle's Elephant and Wildlife Sanctuary are meeting up with the new baby elephants and help take care of them as well. You will also be able to have the chance to choice an elephant to adopt and take care of, which you can find more out about by visiting their adoption website . Now adopting an elephant doesn't mean you get to take them home. All it means is you are going to donate a certain amount of money to help take care of your chosen elephant each month for the rest of his or her life, which by the way is a really awesome thing to do. Now when you sign up to adopt an animal you will receive a picture of that particular elephant you have adopted and will receive news letters by mail on how the elephant is doing, which I think is always neat to hear about.