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Alicia for assistance. Sony's implementation of Dr. Alicia as an in-game helper evokes bad memories of the paper clip from Microsoft Office. Refreshingly, Dr. Alicia's help advice is accurate and appropriate even after the scripted tutorial has ended. All of Wildlife Refuge's graphics are consistent with the safari theme. Menus open and close smoothly and the transition between Refuge and Exploration is quick. Wildlife Refuge offers both a high and low quality graphics setting and the low quality option will run painlessly on even a cheap netbook. Sony generates revenue from Wildlife Refuge through the purchase of "Station Cash" with real money. Station Cash, shown in-game as an "SC" symbol is the same color and shape as the normal coins. This has the effect of devaluing the SC items and making it entirely possible to mis-click and spend valuable SC by mistake.

Animal Welfare League of Alexandria

The county and the Colorado State Forest is home to 600 moose, with about a third of those located near the Moose Visitor Center near Gould. The animals' chocolate brown coloring makes them easy to spot against the snowy landscape. Moose have no problem with deep snow, thanks to their long legs. Photographers, however, will need snowshoes to get out into the state forest and see these critters. The state forest offers camping cabins, which can be reserved at the visitors center. Bring everything you'd need to camp outdoors in order to use these cabins. Motels can be found about 20 miles away in the town of Walden. To get to the Moose Visitor Center, take Colorado 14 west from Fort Collins and through scenic Poudre Canyon. Go 75 miles to the visitor center. Once you reach Cameron Pass, you're officially in the state forest and about 8 miles from the visitor center, accessible off County Road 4. Alternatively, you can reach the Walden area via I-70 to Granby and north on State Highway 125.