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Another thing that people can do to help protect biodiversity is to consume a wider variety of plants and animals. Feral animals should also be removed from ecosystems that they don't belong to in order to allow the native populations to recover. Finally, pollution needs to be cleaned up, emission standards should be set, and more bio-friendly energy sources and products need to be developed to help reduce our dependency on products and energy sources that negatively impact the world and its wildlife. There are few greater rewards in life than having wildlife visit or reside your backyard. Not only will they provide you with endless hours of entertainment, they can also help reduce your stress level and may even lower your blood pressure! Whether you have a small patio or 20-acres of land, you can turn it into a backyard wildlife habitat that is stunningly beautiful and richly rewarding. You can attract songbirds, butterflies, amphibians, squirrels, rabbits or even larger wildlife such as deer or moose.

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In the United States, there is a group of people that make an impact on the economy of the nation, as well as the economy of the state in which they reside. Most people in this group do not even realize that their hobby creates an economic impact. I am speaking of Wildlife Watchers. In 2006, there were 71 million wildlife watchers in the United States, 148,000 of which were in the state of North Dakota. What kind of an economic impact does this group of people have on the nation's economy and on the economy of North Dakota? Before the question of economic impact by wildlife watchers can be answered, there is one other question to answer. What is a wildlife watcher? The answer to this question will seem easy after a little explaining.