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The National Wildlife Federation website has a map with the top ten native plants listed for each area of the United States to help achieve this end. Water must be provided to have a certified Backyard Wildlife Habitat. This can be as simple and inexpensive as a birdbath. Birdbaths will require cleaning and refilling every couple of days. During the warm months this will also keep mosquitoes from breeding in the water. The recommendation is to use hot soapy water or white vinegar mixed with water to scrub the birdbaths.

Wildlife Research

Many of the same animal sciences and biosciences will be involved with this career path as others in veterinary medicine and research areas. If you're not quite sure which direction you want to go, considering what you can do with a specific degree first can help point out which areas of animal or veterinary science to pursue. Careers in animal and veterinary science are closely related to, and many times interconnect with, wildlife conservation efforts. Becoming a park ranger, ecologist, or game warden are just a few options. Park rangers do far more than just watch for poachers, though. Many park rangers have completed training at local law enforcement facilities, which increase their jurisdiction and authority.