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After setting the timer on the feeder, load the feeder with corn. Most year round management will keep feeders full year round, thus conditioning the game animals to rely on the feeder and on the time when the feeder will distribute the feed. This makes it easier to hunt the game animals. Another feeder to consider is a protein feeder. Protein feeders are left out yearly and are kept filled. This helps ensure a healthy herd. These feeders are strategically placed also. Blinds are not generally placed close to protein feeders, making them safer for the game animal, which in turn makes it more probable that the game animal will use the protein feeder. After the feeders are in place and filled, the wildlife manager can move on to the blinds that will be used. Blinds are very important in hunting game animals. These can be as easy as inexpensive as a hand made wooden blind, or as expensive as a ready built blind.

Animal Welfare Institute

When leaving Leo's viewing area we saw a donations box to help feed Leo and the other animals, we quickly obliged and hope you do the same. We went back inside the Riverside Wildlife Center and received a safety lecture. Lynn, one of the owners, told us not to tap the glass because it can cause snakes to strike at the glass which can injure the snakes. We were told that we would have the opportunity to see many animals and even touch and hold some. Some of the animals are dangerous so we were told to stay with our guide and to listen to him carefully. During the indoor portion of our tour we saw snapping turtles, scorpions, many snakes, including several poisonous snakes and some from Missouri.