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Hunters have different needs because they are humans. The wildlife manager has to consider this and try to make each hunt as special for each hunter as he or she possibly can. This often entails making lodging arrangements to meals to the actual hunt. When the wildlife manager has made his hunters happy, his job becomes easier. The final responsibility of a wildlife manager is to take care of the game that the hunter has successfully taken. This includes having the meat prepared to having the game animal ready for taxidermy services and anything in-between.

Animal Research

This may include planting trees or working in coastal areas to battle "coastal erosion. " Some animals in danger of becoming extinct are kept and cared for at places such as "wildlife refuges " or "big game reserves. " Wildlife conservationists work closely with monitoring the progress of these endangered animals. For Marine Conservation, one specialized area of wildlife conservation is "marine conservation. " As a marine conservationist, you will be involved in such activities as diving and conducting research on coral reefs. Coastal erosion is an important issue facing the residents and marine life of coastal areas.